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What is CoronaBTC ?

CoronaBTC is a challenge to see which can spread faster, Coronavirus or Bitcoin page.

Can i earn from CoronaBTC ?

Yes. We have No minimum withdraw

CoronaBTC is simple bitcoin faucet give free rewards every minute,
it's not place to be rich quickly, but you're able to make some dolloars (bitcoin actually) for every minute you spend on our site.
We have %1000 reward from your referrals to help Bitcoin spread faster than corona.
We hvae instant withdraw at no minimum, no fees, and live balance update.

How can i support Bitcoin ?

Enter your bitcoin wallet address and claim at least once to support Bitcoin with new user.
You can invite your friends, you will earn x10 (1000 %) per referral claim!

Your Bitcoin Wallet Address:

* If you have problems to login, try to Logout then Login again. and Direct withdraw options

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